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Commercial Transactions


Commercial transactions often depend heavily on successful negotiations between two or more parties with different interests and priorities. In a typical commercial negotiation, each party wants to secure the best deal for themselves. However, they also need to protect a working relationship. This can mean making strategic concessions to gain an advantage over the course of the contract or working relationship. At Lyden, Chappell & Dewhirst, Ltd, we assist our business clients to develop effective negotiating strategies for commercial transactions.

Because of the complexities of commercial transactions, there is no "one size fits all" approach that covers every negotiation. We work with each our clients to determine their specific priorities. This helps us to develop a tailored negotiating strategy that will deliver the best possible result. Whether the transaction involves suppliers, customers, consultants, regulators, employees or the public, we can help develop and implement an appropriate strategy.

The types of commercial transactions that we regularly support include:

• Franchise and licensing agreements

• Protection of intellectual property and transfer of technology

• Outsourcing

• IT, computing and Internet agreements

• Acquisition and disposal of assets, divisions or entire businesses

Where matters cannot be successfully negotiated, we have substantial experience in raising commercial litigation to secure our clients' interests.

If you need assistance with any type of commercial transactions, contact our law offices in Toledo, Ohio or Monroe, Michigan to arrange an appointment with one of our experienced attorneys.