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Civil and Business Litigation


There are many steps involved in dispute resolution, from pre-claim negotiations through mediation, arbitration and, if necessary, formal court proceedings. At Lyden, Chappell & Dewhirst, Ltd, our legal professionals are highly skilled in every facet of the dispute resolution process. We understand how to approach these processes to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Our legal team has gained a vast amount of practical experience, allowing us to represent clients in a wide range of disputes. Our areas of expertise include:

• Business disputes

• Contract disputes

• Real estate litigation

• Employment law disputes

• Partnership disputes

• Complex litigation

• Construction litigation

• Commercial litigation

Seeking Solutions to Resolve Legal Disputes

At Lyden, Chappell & Dewhirst, Ltd, we always put the needs of our clients first. We take time to discuss our clients' goals and priorities before we begin any dispute resolution process. This enables us to design a strategy that balances speed, cost and outcome in a way that matches our clients' objectives.

We understand that engaging in litigation has a cost for the client: financially, commercially and emotionally. We strive to secure a negotiated settlement where possible. When disputes are resolved without the need for litigation, clients may be able to retain positive working relationships. Swift, effective settlements can also reduce any negative impact on our clients' profit base.

Civil Litigation

There are some disputes that cannot be solved through negotiation. In these circumstances, our highly-skilled attorneys can provide a robust litigation service to our clients.

Through their knowledge and understanding of complex legal principles, our team of attorneys can set out a solid case that clearly explains the client's position to the judge or jury. Even after papers have been lodged, our team will continue to work diligently to achieve a negotiated settlement to avoid any unnecessary expense and anxiety for the client.

If a trial becomes unavoidable, our litigators have the confidence and courtroom presence required to persuade a judge or jury. Clients can be assured that their interests will be represented by a highly-skilled professional.

If you need assistance with any type of civil and business litigation, contact our law offices in Toledo, Ohio or Monroe, Michigan to arrange an appointment with one of our experienced attorneys.